100 Years

1918 - 2018

Marking the end of World War I


  • Play - A Pilot And A Nurse: Letters

    A Pilot and a Nurse: Letters

    A radio play by Juliet Charles

    Adapted from the letters of Squadron Leader, Kenneth Pryce Wilson and the reminiscences of Betty Joy Wilson


    They met on a tram in 1938, fell in love and became engaged. Then war interrupted their romance. He joined the RAAF and she became a VAD. They exchanged many letters.

  • Play - Evening in Paris

    Evening in Paris

    A radio play by Norah Dempster
    adapted from a short story by Michelle Deans


    In 1941 two Australian farm boys sign up for war service. Their mateship holds and they become Japanese prisoners-of-war. It is then that the true meaning of humanity shines through.

    Evening in Paris by Michelle Deans is based on the true story of Stanley Marchbank (Australian Army Number VX 64139).

  • Play - Ned's Gift

    Cultivating apple orchards, 1930s

    Ned's Gift

    A radio play by Juliet Charles
    adapted from the short story "Evening In Paris" by Michelle Deans


    A young man’s journey from boyhood on a rural orchard - where life seems blissfully simple and trouble-free, to manhood and the brutal realities of war. Amongst the obscenities of battle - cruelty, death and desperation, he encounters a simple act of kindness.

  • Story - Desert Strike

    Desert Strike

    By Kenneth Pryce-Wilson

    Forward by Juliet Charles

    My father, Kenneth Pryce Wilson (Ken), applied for and was accepted into the RAAF. He trained first as a pilot and instructor at Wagga, then attended Officers’ School in Somers. He emerged with the rank of Flying Officer and on Good Friday, 10th April, 1941, set sail from Sydney Harbour.

  • Story - Roy Webber

    Roy Webber

    Roy Webber, 3rd Anti-Tank Regiment, 9th Division, World War Two

    by Leon Webber

    Before World War Two, my father took me to the ANZAC Rifle Range in Liverpool, one of Sydney’s outer suburbs. He was a member of the Railways Rifle Club and was Club champion for a few years. The rifle range had a 300 to 900-yard distance and the 303 rifle was very accurate up to 900 yards.

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