100 Years

1918 - 2018

Marking the end of World War I


By Sandra Stirling

Australian Troops going into ActionAustralian Troops going into ActionWhen the call went out one day, so many years ago,
The young men came from near and far to fight a foreign foe.
There were those who came with a country gait and often a friendly smile
Or a lifted hat and a ‘G’day, mate,’ as he walked his country mile.
With shoulders squared and eyes that see for miles around the land,
He’s happy to stop and chat a while and shake a neighbour’s hand.
And then there were those who liked to walk at a pace just that much quicker,
Who enjoyed the lights and picture shows that belonged to the city slicker.
In suit and cap, with a Gladstone bag, he smiles at the dawn’s new light,
Clanging trams and traffic flows for him a happy sight.

These young men then fought and crawled up cliffs of crumbling sand,
While bullets sprayed and gas destroyed these youngsters from our land.
And still once a year on Anzac Day, we remember them with pride,
The country boy and city lad now lying side by side.

Sandra Stirling, 2018

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