100 Years

1918 - 2018

Marking the end of World War I


By Sandra Stirling

Australian Troops going into ActionWhen the call went out one day, so many years ago,
The young men came from near and far to fight a foreign foe.
There were those who came with a country gait and often a friendly smile
Or a lifted hat and a ‘G’day, mate,’ as he walked his country mile.
With shoulders squared and eyes that see for miles around the land,
He’s happy to stop and chat a while and shake a neighbour’s hand.
And then there were those who liked to walk at a pace just that much quicker,
Who enjoyed the lights and picture shows that belonged to the city slicker.
In suit and cap, with a Gladstone bag, he smiles at the dawn’s new light,
Clanging trams and traffic flows for him a happy sight.

These young men then fought and crawled up cliffs of crumbling sand,
While bullets sprayed and gas destroyed these youngsters from our land.
And still once a year on Anzac Day, we remember them with pride,
The country boy and city lad now lying side by side.

Sandra Stirling, 2018

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