100 Years

1918 - 2018

Marking the end of World War I

Gallipoli Mates

By Sandra Stirling

Shrapnel Valley Cemetery, GallipoliWe hope you won’t hear us leaving
As we steal away at night,
We’ve left guns on rope to fire at will
As we stumble out of sight.

We hope that you, our brothers, know
We leave with a heavy heart,
That we couldn’t take you with us,
You, who were here at the start.

We know in the years that follow
We’ll return to the slopes we strode
to the trenches we crouched in a’tremble
That became our hellish abode.

For every memory we carry
In the years that lie ahead,
There won’t be a moment forgotten
That we, as comrades, shared.

And then when the Last Post is sounded
As it will for all of your mates,
We hope that you’ll hear us coming
And we’ll meet at those heavenly gates.

Sandra Stirling, 2018

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