100 Years

1918 - 2018

Marking the end of World War I


By Joy Meekings

Gumtree against a blue skyHome is where the heart is, or that is what we say

But when you’re in a war zone your home’s so far away.

You think it’ll be an adventure, see the World, have some fun!

Since I’ve been in Gallipolli, all I want to do is run—

Away from death and dying, the blood, guts and gore.

I lost me best mate yesterday, I can’t take this any more!

The soldier standing next to me says close your eyes and think of home:

The sounds of war start to fade, as the Aussie Bush I roam;

I can smell eucalyptus trees and see the endless blue sky,

My mother’s face comes into view, God I don’t want to die!

Then my mother says to me: son, have courage, don’t give in,

You’ve never been a quitter, so be strong and you will win.

Now her face is fading, but her words are ringing true—

I’ll fight on for my best mate, he will get me through!

Joy Meekings, 2018

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