100 Years

1918 - 2018

Marking the end of World War I

Listen to podcasts of World War One and World War Two radio plays. Individual scripts are also available to follow the text of the radio plays, or for use by community groups to present their own play-readings.

When Frank Returns

An original radio play co-written by Jan Storey & Joy Meekings


It is November 1918 and the Germans have surrendered. Lily and her best friend Clara are worried they will be spinsters as so many young men have died. Private Frank is promised to Mary, Lily’s older sister. But, perhaps when he returns from service he may find the beautiful, younger Lily irresistible.

State Library Pictures Collection H37629

The End of the Red Baron

An original radio play written by Geraldine Colson

Synopsis and Historical Context

A one-act play for radio depicting the first burial of the famous First World War German fighter pilot and hero, Baron Von Richtofen, known universally as the ‘Red Baron’. The Red Baron caused the deaths of well over a hundred allied pilots, the highest number of recorded deaths by one pilot in WW1.

State Library Victoria Pictures Collection Image H99.166/144

All Over By Christmas

An original radio play written by Geraldine Colson


September, 1917: A family of parents and two children on a bush block outlying a city in Australia. They are sitting on a veranda on a very hot day, waiting for the postman, who delivers on horseback twice per week. They receive a letter which they eagerly go over and over, then a dust cloud appears through the heat of the afternoon.

For God, King and Country

An original radio play written by Jan Storey


It’s 1917 and the conscription referendum debate has turned bitter and divisive. John Hunt is in favour of conscription but his wife, Alice, is fiercely opposed. Their eldest son, Fred, has been injured on the Western Front and Alice is determined to stop their youngest son, Harry, from being conscripted. Will Harry be forced to enlist and will Fred survive the war?

Two Towns, One Family

A creative interpretation based on documented history, by Cheryl Threadgold


In May, 1918, six months before the Armistice on 11 November, Australian airman Lieutenant George Robin Cuttle MC came under fatal attack during a bombing mission behind enemy lines near Caix, ten kilometres from Villers-Brettonneux.in northern France. Driven by love and loyalty, Robin’s family members in country Victoria were determined to find the wreckage of his plane. In 1984, the towns of Villers-Brettonneux in France and Robinvale in Australia, became twinned. The strong connection between the two towns is a fine tribute to the heroism of men such as George Robin Cuttle and his fellow allied servicemen.

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