100 Years

1918 - 2018

Marking the end of World War I

Ned's Gift

A radio play by Juliet Charles
adapted from the short story "Evening In Paris" by Michelle Deans


A young man’s journey from boyhood on a rural orchard - where life seems blissfully simple and trouble-free, to manhood and the brutal realities of war. Amongst the obscenities of battle - cruelty, death and desperation, he encounters a simple act of kindness.

Cast and Production Credits


STANLEY Justin Keyt
JIM Stuart Anderson
GRANDSON Jack Laragy
NED Alex Ashcroft
MAGGIE Juliet Charles

Production Team:

DIRECTOR Cheryl Threadgold


To read the radio play script, please click HERE

To listen to the play, click in the box below:

Juliet Charles, 2018



Evening in Paris by Michelle Deans is based on the true story of Stanley Marchbank (Australian Army Number VX 64139).

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