100 Years

1918 - 2018

Marking the end of World War I

The End of the Red Baron

An original radio play written by Geraldine Colson

Synopsis and Historical Context

A one-act play for radio depicting the first burial of the famous First World War German fighter pilot and hero, Baron Von Richtofen, known universally as the ‘Red Baron’. The Red Baron caused the deaths of well over a hundred allied pilots, the highest number of recorded deaths by one pilot in WW1.

Burial of Baron Rittmeister Manfred von Richtofen 1918When he was finally shot down over allied territory in France in 1918, the Australian Air Force recovered his body and arranged a military funeral. Some of the phrases used in this play are actual comments by journalists of the day. A film was made by an on-looker at the cemetery which shows the burial and the ceremony accorded to the Red Baron by the Australians (available on-line).
The people in the small village close to where his plane came down were recorded as being extremely angry about the honour given to the German pilot. They tried to desecrate the grave but did not succeed in removing the body.

The Red Baron’s remains were later transferred to a military cemetery in Germany.

Cast and Production Credits


COLONEL Kevin Custerton
SECOND OFFICER Stuart Anderson
SERGEANT Steve Morris
MADAME DUBOIS Geraldine Colson


Production Team:

DIRECTOR Cheryl Threadgold

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Geraldine Colson, 2018


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