100 Years

1918 - 2018

Marking the end of World War I

All Over By Christmas

An original radio play written by Geraldine Colson


September, 1917: A family of parents and two children on a bush block outlying a city in Australia. They are sitting on a veranda on a very hot day, waiting for the postman, who delivers on horseback twice per week. They receive a letter which they eagerly go over and over, then a dust cloud appears through the heat of the afternoon.

Postcard to The Absent One

Cast and Production Credits


MUM Lynda French
DAD Steve Morris
ANNE Rebekah Philipson
DAVIE George Klesman
POSTMASTER Kevin Custerson


Production Team:

DIRECTOR Cheryl Threadgold


To read the radio play script, please click HERE

To listen to the play, click in the box below:

Geraldine Colson, 2018

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