100 Years

1918 - 2018

Marking the end of World War I

All Over By Christmas

An original radio play written by Geraldine Colson


September, 1917: A family of parents and two children on a bush block outlying a city in Australia. They are sitting on a veranda on a very hot day, waiting for the postman, who delivers on horseback twice per week. They receive a letter which they eagerly go over and over, then a dust cloud appears through the heat of the afternoon.

Postcard to The Absent OnePostcard to The Absent OneState Library Victoria Pictures Collection Image H99.166/144

Cast and Production Credits


MUM Lynda French
DAD Steve Morris
ANNE Rebekah Philipson
DAVIE George Klesman
POSTMASTER Kevin Custerson


Production Team:

DIRECTOR Cheryl Threadgold


To read the radio play script, please click HERE

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Geraldine Colson, 2018

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